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Indian Summer

I don't think i have to tell you much about this band.

Adam and Seth Nanaa who played with Scott Torguson in Sinker formed Indian Summer after Sinker broke up. Scott became the vocalist for Amber Inn i think.

Indian Summer were a short-lived but one of the most influential Emo/Hardcore bands from Oakland, California. They were active in the early 90s (~1993 - 1994) and influenced the sound of Emo bands to come.
During their brief existence they released a 7'' and three Splits ( with Current, Embassy and Ordination of Aaron) and contributed songs to 3 compilations.

In 1999, Star 13 released a Live set that Indian Summer played at KZSU. It is called Blue Universe and was repressed several times as Hidden Arithmetic.

In 2002 Future Recordings released their discography under the name Science 1994. 

Members were: Adam Nanaa, Seth Nanaa, Marc Bianchi, Eyad Keileh

So here is all their stuff. Enjoy!!!

Split with Current (1993)
                                                           Split with Embassy (1994)


                                                           Split with Ordination of Aaron

                                                                       Live - Blue Universe

                                                                            Science 1994

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